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Don't Summon Her, Pure Evil by LightsOfDarknessX Don't Summon Her, Pure Evil :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 2 You hopeless people! I'm Alive! by LightsOfDarknessX You hopeless people! I'm Alive! :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 1 0 Drawing Bendy!!!  by LightsOfDarknessX Drawing Bendy!!! :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 2 0
(Homura Akemi X Madoka Kaname Song) Break My Heart
  From the past, we have been friends.
Then the present, we are frenemies.
 In the future, we... are... enemies
You're heart...
 Started to break!
I love you, we are best friends.
I hate you, we are enemy.
Kill myself.
Break my heart.
Hurt your friend.
Break my heart.
 We have betrayed.
Break my heart.
Let's go and fight.
My life is cruel.
Kill your friend.
Pull me to hell.
Pull your friend to hell.
We have been... Shattered!
  I love you, we are best friends.
I hate you, we are enemy.
Kill myself.
Break my heart.
Hurt your friend.
Break my heart.
We have betrayed.
Break my heart.
  I... Wanted to cry.
  I... Wanted to help.
  I...  Wanted to betray.
  I... Will be killed.
   I... Will scream.
  I... Will break my heart!
   My heart will break.
   My heart will be broken.
    Eat my heart.
    It will be shattered.
     Break my heart.
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0
My Oc: Deathly Lover by LightsOfDarknessX My Oc: Deathly Lover :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0 Welcome To Hell! by LightsOfDarknessX Welcome To Hell! :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 3 0 Mystery Skulls! (My Fan Made Series) by LightsOfDarknessX Mystery Skulls! (My Fan Made Series) :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 1 0
(Demonic Twins X Angel X Demon) Angels And Demon
Chapter 1: Angels And Demons Arrived!
There we're cute and cuddly. One little sweet chibi was Angel and one evil or sweet chibi was Devil. That's when they arrive to the house.
Angel: Hello, anyone here.
Devil: Are this place haunted?
Angel: No. This place was belonged to the team who was demons, but some are angels or dark hearted.
Devil: Demonic Twins!
Angel: *smiles* Yes, I know you can do it for me!
Demonica: Who is it?
Angel and Devil hides in the closet until Demonica comes to the closet to check. Then, Angel and Devil were scared.
Demonica: I didn't mean to scare you. Who are you, little creatures from another dimension?
Angel: I'm Angel, the cutest and the good side of Yang.
Devil: You can count on me, Devil as you may call me, the evil and gloom side of Yin.
Heartling and their children shows up with Demonica, Angel and Devil. Angel and Devil never visit them before. Will they'll be able to go on their first quest or an adventure?
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0
(Demonic Twins) Predator Prey Chapter 4
   The next 6 hours later, Demonica shrinks to normal size and she spit out the potion and the ink and Monoka had to stand back.
Monoka: Are you fine, even if we're inside?
Demonica: Ugh... Yes. *she felt better after the spitting inks and potion out*
   Billcifer and Peridotta were in the black dimension with nothing in it, because of the destruction incident that Demonica had a devourer rampage.
Peridotta: Even we know had to let them out, she should be cured again.
Billcifer: This is not a good idea! We're in 7 hours in the dimension with nothing! I'm bored and hungry!  
Demonica who was inside Billcifer told him.
Demonica: No! You should not eat food or drink anything!
Billcifer: Why?!
Demonica: We'll be digested and this will cause indigestion!
7 more hours later...
Demonica was cured! Bendy was playing with ink with Blanky.
Bendy: Don't make me spill inks. *laugh
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0
My Birthday!!! by LightsOfDarknessX My Birthday!!! :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 2 0
(Demonic Twins) Predator Prey Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Billcifer: I'm... *heart pounding* next! ... I'm... Going... To... Die! The only way to cure her is to... I have to grow tall just like her, but bigger and eat her to get rid of the potion!
Bendy and Blanky was with Billcifer, but they'll have to survive this incident Predator Prey game!
Blanky: Billcifer, are you sure it's going to work?
Billcifer: I'm sure!
Bendy give Billcifer a potion to grow, then Blanky and Bendy run to hide on the roof altar. When he finished drinking, he felt like he's going to grow taller than Demonica, but gigantic.
Demonica: This cannot be! How? Where are you going to do to me?
Billcifer: I'm here to help me cure you, but I have to eat you! And spit everybody out for cure! Stop playing Predator Prey with me! I promise!
Demonica tried to runaway, but she was grabbed by Billcifer.
Billcifer: Not so fast! Prepare to prey, your mercy!
Billcifer prepares to devour Demonica, he shoved her head to the mouth following by her body.
Demonica:Let... Me... Go!
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 3
Oc Character: Anchi and Negakuma by LightsOfDarknessX Oc Character: Anchi and Negakuma :iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0
King Boo-tler's Poem
King of all ghost!
I will be dreadful and hate of anger.
No one ever puts me to painting.
Ghost? Ghost? Ghost are dreadful demons.
Black shadows appear, lurking for dead.
On haunted houses.
Or dreadful paranormal activities time.
Time to die!
Leave the house!
Everyone is dead!
Rest in peace!
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 2 0
Majora's Masked Poem
Make it dark!
At the darkest heart!
Join me!
Out to dark days.
Respect the devil's king.
Only light will save us from dark.
Somebody kill me, and we have terrible fate from darkness?
Monsters are demons!
All are demons!
Sinister shadow lurking.
Kill me!
End the world!
Die from Flames in Hell!
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0
(Demonic Twins) Predator Prey Chapter 2
While hiding and Demonica devouring people, Billcifer and Peridotta are in the closet room, hopefully they don't make noise!
 Demonica: *menacing at the closet which Billcifer and Peridotta  in it* I will eat you!
Billcifer: Are we going to be devoured and digest ourselves?
Peridotta: Not today!
As Peridotta ran out of the closet she ran and ran as fast she can. She used a hand to fly like a helicopter.
Peridotta: Nice try, you clod! *laughs* You missed!
Billcifer: Look out!!!
Peridotta was grabbed by the hand of Demonica.
Peridotta: Let me go! You demon clod, Demonica, are you insaned? Billcifer, what do you do with Demonica?
Billcifer: I grab the monster gut potion which contains growing yourself to a monster and a gut is to devour people. *felt nervous*
Peridotta: Worst experiment ever!
Billcifer: I accidentally spilled the potion into her favorite sandwich!
Peridotta was shocked and she's about to be devoured by Demonica!
Billcifer: Save yourself!
Peridotta: *feels sad as
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0
(Song) Demonic Twins Theme
:iconlightsofdarknessx:LightsOfDarknessX 0 0


Mr.Gar  by layerboy Mr.Gar :iconlayerboy:layerboy 2 0 My butler by Yunyan-ny My butler :iconyunyan-ny:Yunyan-ny 22 5 Mucha Lucha OC -Spark Shooter. by AlexiaRowell1993 Mucha Lucha OC -Spark Shooter. :iconalexiarowell1993:AlexiaRowell1993 1 0 Giggles! by maskarie Giggles! :iconmaskarie:maskarie 15 2 //A BEING OF PURE ENERGY WITH ONE WEAKNESS// by maskarie //A BEING OF PURE ENERGY WITH ONE WEAKNESS// :iconmaskarie:maskarie 22 2 Vladia Ref by AnnoyedClaude Vladia Ref :iconannoyedclaude:AnnoyedClaude 10 0 Dr. Flug--Pokemon Trainer by Snow-ish Dr. Flug--Pokemon Trainer :iconsnow-ish:Snow-ish 35 1 F.lug by riichimatsu F.lug :iconriichimatsu:riichimatsu 24 2 Dementia by KazMidnight Dementia :iconkazmidnight:KazMidnight 41 2 Villianous by NatoMX Villianous :iconnatomx:NatoMX 25 12 Show Me a Crooked Smile by Piranhartist Show Me a Crooked Smile :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 267 79 Greed by LovexyHub Greed :iconlovexyhub:LovexyHub 18 22 Villianous Baddies (and speedpaint!) by alyssa-the-sketcher Villianous Baddies (and speedpaint!) :iconalyssa-the-sketcher:alyssa-the-sketcher 122 2 Villianous by Lolfurbyscribble Villianous :iconlolfurbyscribble:Lolfurbyscribble 11 10 Demencia by TheInquestitor Demencia :icontheinquestitor:TheInquestitor 23 0 Villainous Villians by Rascal-Rose Villainous Villians :iconrascal-rose:Rascal-Rose 135 18


Don't Summon Her, Pure Evil
My Oc character Demonus! Demonus is pretty pure evil! She is from the Evilness League Group called The Ultimate Evil!
In this rotten world of light, it kill or be killed! Murder some sick demons! Blagh! No one can kill us now! Kill me or I will kill you til you die!

embedded_item1495316483432 by LightsOfDarknessX
You fools! Don't you know why should I kill this universe everything time?!!! My rage is against your weakness! Time to punish you all for what you have done, you rotten victims! How am I going to kill you now?!!!

embedded_item1495315950698 by LightsOfDarknessX
Villainous are released in Cartoon Network, but only aired on Mexico right now! Villainous is so... Awsome! I would love to air in U.S and see it!
After I finish and done Chapter 5 of Predator Prey and I guess The crossover of Demonic Twins X Mucha Lucha will be having lots of delay over this month, May, and June! I will try to start Chapter 3 (Act 2) by May or June and finish the crossover by last day of June or the 2nd week of July because I have school and I'm just busy!
 Anyway, more new Oc I'm making is going to be shown soon, like next week. Also, New Fanfic Series!
 New Fanfic Series:
 Mystery Skulls (I'm a fan of Mystery Skulls since last year, but I loved it and I created a lot of Oc to Mystery Skulls)
 Mucha Lucha (I wanted to continued after Season 3, and also because I have to make some Oc and also have unseen characters that were cut to the series make it to Mucha Lucha for continuation of Season 3 to start Season 4 and another thing is either a lot of characters will return and villains from Mucha Lucha may return and new characters and new villains, that's what I wanted to do the continuation)
 Supernatural Legends project is cancelled, but I will make into Supernatural Spirits And Demons (Lots of Oc I made will come to this series and the main character I want to focus on is, the character with ghost vaccum which is Lucy, the character with journal who is Witherly, and The lead character will be Antacula.)
Angel X Devil (My Oc Angel, Devil, and Heartling (from Demonic Twins) will have to take on a quest for adventure)
Lastly, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Puella Magi Lapilla Magica (I love Puella Magi Madoka Magica and also my Oc will be there and Lapilla will have her own series taking on witches and demons)
That's it for now, cause that how it works!
      All the souls and spirits will be the God Of Yin Yang for LightsOfDarknessX


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Karen Armenta
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I bring light and dark to life to create Ying-Yang! Mostly Darkness and villains will rule the world, someday! I have done Fanfics, Cartoons, Animes, and Oc's Characters!


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